Welcome to the 7-Day Self-Care Course


Life is made up of patterns

We have patterns that keep us safe such as looking both ways when we cross the street, patterns that nourish us, such as the types of food we eat and patterns that make us healthy such as the thoughts we think.

But, often we have patterns that we’re unaware of that are detrimental to our health. Such as binging on sugar or alcohol or repeating addictive behaviors that lead to crappy relationships.,

We all developed patterns to fit in. Such as agreeing with somebody to keep the peace even if you didn’t agree. Or doing something nice to make somebody happy.


Day 6 Adopting New Patterns

Was the Inner Child Work Freeing?

Did you feel free after doing the Inner Child work yesterday? You can listen to the meditation as often as you like and whittle away at whatever is holding you back. Piece by piece.

So now that you’ve emptied the cup and released some of the burdens of the past that you didn’t even realize were holding you back, it’s time to fill the cup with things that work for you.

Life is made up of patterns

From the time you were born, you looked for and adopted patterns. Most of them came from the people around you like your parents or somebody else close.

So we all developed patterns to fit in. Such as agreeing with somebody to keep the peace even if you didn’t agree. Or doing something nice to make somebody happy. (Which can be a double-edged sword if it doesn’t make them happy all the time)

No matter what is going on in your life; how you think, feel and what you do is made up of patterns. And all of them, except for breathing, were adopted by you at some time.

Not all patterns are bad.

Some Patterns are good for you

They keep your life motoring along in a direction that makes you happy, except when they don’t. That’s when you know that the patterns you have going on aren’t working for you.

You see, the patterns you adopted when you were very young were a survival mechanism. They helped you fit in, kept you safe and helped you navigate your small world.

But most people hold on to these patterns from childhood when they no longer serve them. They fail to notice that their thinking, beliefs or actions are outdated and no longer work anymore.

Instead, they think the world is against them.

The Universe has Consistent Rules

But the Universe has the same rules and laws for everybody. No exceptions.

So why do some people find life easy, fun and inspirational and others find it fraught with thorns and angry animals? Patterns. That’s the only difference.

Your patterns create your vibration and the Universe only responds to vibration. Not to your words or your prayers or desperation. The Universe responds to vibration.

It’s all about Vibration

And your vibration is created by your dominant mood.

So, if you want the Universe to bestow those seemingly favorable gifts on you as well, you need to ask differently.

Just by changing your mood.

So, if your pattern is to wake up and watch the news and then notice what isn’t working in the world and in your life, your mood will be fairly low. It may be depression, anger or anxiety. So that’s what the Universe will respond with, more of the same as what you have.

Your Mood is like a Boomerang

Whatever your mood, the answer from the Universe is always more of the same. Your mood is like a boomerang, whatever you give out you get back.

So if you want love in your life unconditionally, then it’s unconditional love that you want to give, to everybody.

How to do this:

1. Listen to the short Day 6 video on patterns.

2. Take notice of your patterns.

3. What are you requesting from the Universe with your moods?

4. Do the Transformation exercise in the Self-Care Journal.

Download the Self-Care Journal here
It’s a fillable PDF for your Self-Care Journey