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Tapping into the Law of Attraction with Gratitude…

Giving thanks for what we have taps into the Law of Attraction that says “Whatever you focus on, you create more of.” 

Finding something to be thankful for when everything is going wrong can be a challenge but it’s essential in changing the course of your future.


Day 3 Gratitude Video

Your Unfair Advantage

There are a thousand things that can go wrong in a day. And focusing on those things that go wrong will attract more things that don’t work in your life.

So find one thing today to be thankful for. One thing that is working and then milk that. Write lists of why you are thankful for that one thing.

There is a difference between Gratitude and Appreciation.

They have slightly different vibrations. Gratitude has the double-edged sword of what’s wanted and the residue of what isn’t wanted. For instance, I’m grateful that my car is working and the residue is that part of me is aware of how I would feel if it wasn’t working.

Appreciation is a Higher Vibration than Gratitude

With appreciation, it’s a higher vibration and there is no residue. To get to a place of appreciation you can feel it within, it resonates of joy, fun and pure love. There is a bubbling up inside of you with excitement.

Practicing appreciation is where the miracles occur.

So lift your gratitude practice a little higher today and experience appreciation. Write it down and just wallow in that satisfied feeling.

How to do this:

1. Watch the short Day 3 video on Gratitude and begin to notice the difference between gratitude and appreciation.

2. Use your Self-Care Journal to write down what you’re grateful for,

3. Take a few minutes in the evening to write what you appreciated about the day.

Download the Self-Care Journal here

It’s a fillable PDF for your Self-Care Journey