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Your Secret Power is Meditation…

Relaxing the mind and the body takes practice. That’s because the mind is like a spoilt child and has been allowed to do as it pleases for a long time.

Now that you want to still the mind, there’s a battle going on inside your head. But it won’t last forever, creating space inside your head or meditation is about nurturing the soul and it connects you with your inner soul guidance.

And you can gain that peace you’re looking for if you persist because everything you do, say and think is a learned behavior, even overthinking.


Day 2 Secret Power of Meditation

Finding your Inner Connection

I hope you gleaned a little insight into the Karma in your life yesterday because I really do believe that once you’ve balanced out that Karma by taking the opportunities you’ve presented to yourself then you’ll feel free.

Today is about feeling a connection to source energy through meditation.

Relaxing the mind and the body and therefore nurturing the soul is called the practice of meditation.

It’s called a practice because everything you do, say and think is a learned behavior, even overthinking.

But if you’ve ever felt scattered or overwhelmed or emotionally drained, then this is a symptom of pinching off your connection to your Soul’s Blueprint. (Your Soul’s Blueprint is the path you have chosen as your journey this lifetime.)

Meditation Strengthens your Inner Connection

So meditation helps you to strengthen that connection once again. You can never sever the connection to your higher self but you can pinch it off so that you feel alone.

We don’t want that.

So that’s why we call it a SUPER POWER. Your super power. Because every successful, happy person knows that the secret to their success comes through their meditation practice.

Meditation is your Super Power!

We have a guided meditation today for you to experience, relax, let go of the outside world and tune inwardly.

Regular meditation changes who you are. It redirects your focus and changes your reality so that your biology actually changes and therefore so do your habits and your future.

How to do this:

1. Watch Day 2 on meditation,

2. Participate in the meditation and begin to practice each day, even if it’s two minutes of breathwork a few times throughout the day.

3. Use your Self-Care Journal for Day 2, meditation.

4. Find a meditation to download that you can use every day. Free meditation downloads

Download the Self-Care Journal here
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