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Karma may be a little different to what you expect…

We’ve all heard of Karma but do you know what it is or why it affects your life the way it does?

If you’re anything like me you probably thought karma was a payback tool that get’s somebody back if they do wrong by you but it may be just a little more than that.

And… it’s very interesting.


Day 1 Karma Video

Does Others’ Karma Affect You?

We’ve all heard of Karma. But do you know what Karma really is or why it affects your life?

Well, if you’re anything like me you probably thought Karma was a tool used for revenge so that if somebody does something wrong to you, the Universe will pay them back.

We Bring Karma with us for Balance

It couldn’t be further from the truth. Karma is something we bring with us into this lifetime.


So that we can balance out the past and return to love.

It’s a loving commitment that we made with the Universe and all of our Soul family before we incarnated so that they could lovingly assist by creating the best environment for us to balance out our Karma.

Karma is a Gift

It’s actually a gift you’ve given yourself.

Before you came into this body, you gathered your Soul Family together and you asked them if they’d be willing to play the role at a particular time in your life so that you could balance out the misdemeanors of the past. That’s Karma.

It’s a balancing of energy in each of our lives. We all have Karma.

The reason this help doesn’t sound like harps and angels is that you can’t hear angels singing when you are angry or afraid, so you experience what you need to move forward.

Karma Allows us to Return to Love

But because you have come through the veil of forgetfulness to arrive in this body, you don’t remember the pact you made with that person who could be your closest loved one in the non-physical but who’s helping you to return to love by being angry or upset or even beating on you.

That’s right, your Karma is for you to return to love.

This video will explain Karma and help you recognize it so that you can return to love in all areas of your life.

It’s the first step on our self-love journey.

How to do this:

1. Download the fillable PDF Self-Care Journal (link below)

2. Use the Self-Care Journal to talk about the Karma in your life.

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Download the Self-Care Journal here

It’s a fillable PDF for your Self-Care Journey