6D Mood Mastery

Congratulations on joining the Mood Mastery Masterclass

You’re in the right place to empower yourself and begin to design a life that you really love.

We believe in Mood Mastery so much that we teach it in our private practice and have done for the past few years with great success. It’s not that it’s new to the world, but we’ve set it out in a way that is easy to understand, succinct and transformational.

This is a 21-day masterclass, but you can do this at your own pace. Use the download link in the receipt below to get your interactive workbook. You can use it as a PDF or you can print it out as a booklet. There are 10 videos included which you can access via links or QR codes.

We honor you for taking this journey into the elite realm of the spiritual soulmate and we hope you enjoy this path of self-discovery as much as we do.

Below is your Mood Mastery Masterclass download link
Click here

Close the door on the Past and move forward with Confidence.



As a reminder here’s what you’ll create through this Masterclass:

  • Tools to redesign your future
  • Elevated mood of feeling great
  • Formula to live a life you love
  • How to attract rather than repel what you want


  • Improved perspective
  • Abundance of hope and optimism
  • A Soul Connection
  • Decision-making skills
  • Connect with your inner guidance

Any Other Questions?

We’ll contact you soon through email. If you have any questions or need any help, just send us a message at info@6dhealing.com

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