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We created the 6 Dimensions of Healing handbook with you in mind so that you could feel empowered in your life by gaining the tools you need to create a wonderful life by design.

So many people just ‘wing it’ through life, wishing for luck to be on their side, or hoping that something great will happen. But you’re different because you’ve decided to take control of your own life so that you’ll never have to leave your happiness in the hands of the wishful thinking gods.

We honor you in this process and know that your happiness is in your capable hands. We invite you to join our social community below.

Our books are made to order and will be delivered directly from the printers. Usually, the turnaround is 7-10 days plus 2 days for processing. But we know you don’t want to wait to get started and that’s why we offer you the epub version for free. We’ll email you the link soon.


6 Dimensions of Healing Team


As a reminder here’s what you’ll create through this handbook:

  • Amazing energy
  • Elevated mood of feeling great
  • Happy cells as you release endorphins
  • A glow and radiance about you
  • Understanding of how to attract rather than repel what you want


  • Newly enhanced perspective
  • Abundance of hope and optimism
  • A Soul Connection
  • Well-developed Intuition
  • Advanced Relationships
  • Understanding of your Purpose in Life
  • A connection with someone special

Any Other Questions?

We’ll contact you soon through email. If you have any questions or need any help, just send us a message at info@6dhealing.com

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Please allow 7-10 days for your book to arrive. We’re printing it just for you so it will be hot off the press!

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