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Congratulations on choosing Soul Coaching

It’s time to close the door on the past and move forward with confidence.

Life can be difficult when people demand so much of you at work and at home, and not having confidence in yourself or your decisions just drains the life out of your soul. Not only that… how are you supposed to live a happy life when you don’t feel loving and worthy?

It seems like an insurmountable ‘to-do’ list. And the truth is, you deserve to be loved and appreciated. You didn’t come into this life thinking it was going to be difficult or that you’d have to struggle your way through. That’s why we’re here to help. We want to help you alleviate pain and suffering in your life. You didn’t go to school to get the tools to alleviate pain and suffering, but we did.

We know that whether you’ve chosen 5 sessions or 6 months, it can seem like a long time. But it’s not. You’ve been putting up with the pain and inner suffering for much longer than 6 months and it’s a really short time to see amazing results.

Please fill in the coaching questionnaire below to see how I can best help you.


6 Dimensions of Healing Team

As a reminder here’s what you can create with Soul Coaching:

  • Close the door on the Past
  • Move forward with Confidence
  • Clean up Stress
  • Methods of Relaxation


  • How to make the right decisions
  • Become the person you love
  • Transform your Relationships
  • Understand your inner guidance – your Mood Barometer

Any Other Questions?

We’ll contact you soon through email. If you have any questions or need any help, just send us a message at info@6dhealing.com

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