6D Mood Mastery



Let me help you:

Close the Door on the Past and Move Forward with Confidence

Gayle Maree

6D Mood Mastery


Let me help you:

Close the Door on the Past and Move Forward with Confidence

Gayle Maree

Moving Forward Isn’t Always Easy because

You have a Lack of Confidence in Yourself or Others

There's a Daunting 'To-Do' List

The Past is Blocking your Path

You Feel Unworthy & Unappreciated

There's Mounting Pressure to Change

Soul Coaching

Life can be difficult when people demand so much of you…


at work and at home, and not having confidence in yourself or your decisions just drains the life out of your soul. Not only that… how are you supposed to find true love when you don’t feel loving and worthy?

It seems like an insurmountable ‘to-do’ list. And the truth is, you deserve to be loved and appreciated. You didn’t come into this life thinking it was going to be difficult or that you’d have to struggle your way through. That’s why we’re here to help. We want to help you alleviate pain and suffering in your life. You didn’t go to school to get the tools to alleviate pain and suffering, but we did.

Determine Your Own Destiny

I spent 22 years as a Relationships Counselor so that I could help you close the door on the past without having to spend monotonous sessions in therapy, just so that you could move forward in your life without the setbacks.

Imagine a year from now, having unshakable confidence. Feeling happy with your life and smiling on the inside, knowing that you’re in control of your destiny. You have well-practiced powerful tools to decide what will make you happy and you also have the knowledge to let go of hidden agitations. You stand proud and breeze through life with the love and confidence of somebody who has chosen to feel powerful and create their own destiny.

Gayle Maree Soul Coaching

Here’s What your 5 Session Soul Coaching Package Would Look Like

Weekly Coaching

45 Minute, 1:1 Weekly Coaching Sessions at a time to suit us both

Unlimited Support

Through Email and Messaging so you don’t have to stay stuck


With Worksheets and Milestones, you’ll be moving forward because I have your back

How Can Soul Coaching help you?

Feel Supported

Imagine feeling restricted in life so that every decision is uncertain. No matter what choice you make it just seems to be fraught with people who don’t respect you. It doesn’t matter how much you holler, you’re surrounded by incompetency.

Discover Hidden Blocks

Everybody has hidden blocks. Your family can’t see them, you can’t see them, even your friends don’t recognize them. But they’re there and they hold you back for living a life you love.

Discover the Power of Love

There is no greater power in the Universe than that of Unconditional Love and it begins with you. It’s time to value yourself so you deserve your purpose in life.

Develop Unshakable Confidence

In work, home, and relationships. Don’t let others control your life. Whether the narcissists, overbearing work colleagues or demanding family. Develop unshakable confidence to live a life you deserve.

Clear the Past

It’s said that the past will set you free. But in fact, it’s the opposite. The past will not only hold you prisoner, but it will create more of the same in your future. Now is the time to clear the past and make way for a really great future.

Summon Universal Energy

You’re never alone, even if you sometimes feel it. Tap into the Universal Energy within to give you the limitless, boundless energy you need to live a destiny you’ll really love.

Here’s the Plan

We know that changing the past can seem like a long process. But it’s not. And it’s a really short time to see amazing results. Here’s what the plan looks like when you make a decision to take control of your destiny:


1. Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment on my online calendar to get your started


2. Develop a Plan

Together we develop a plan for moving forward


3. Identify Goals

Identify goals that you want to move towards so that you know exactly where you’re heading

Gayle Maree Herring

Clear the past and move forward with confidence

Imagine embracing the world each day with unshakable confidence

Clear the past and move forward with confidence

Imagine embracing the world each day with unshakable confidence

Soul Coaching is a One Way Ticket to Love & Happiness

Often self-care falls to the back-burner in terms of importance because there are just so many other people and things to take care of. But, if you don’t invest in yourself first then you’re not going to have the energy left to invest in others. That means those around you, that you love, will suffer.

Embrace the world each day with unshakable confidence

Carry yourself with poise, optimism, and determination at work, home, and in your relationships

Feel Valued and Loved

Handling difficult situations at work, at home and in your love life will become easy because you’ll feel valued and loved

Enjoy a New Level of Quality Relationships

You’ll attract quality relationships with people who want to invest in you, because you’re worth it

Get Amazing Results

You’ll never have to worry about what’s to come as you’ll be able to handle everything with ease

Let go of the Pain & Negativity of the Past

When you hold onto the past it affects your future so you’ll be able to let go of past pain and move forward with confidence

Care about Others while Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

You’ll never feel used and abused again. Instead, you’ll feel the exhilaration of giving to those you love

We want you to feel so confident with Soul Coaching

that we’ve included (with permission) some client stories below

There were some really big AHA moments for me…

I never knew why things happened the way they did. Sometimes life just didn’t seem fair and I guess it showed to others because I’d lost my confidence in love and dating. But Soul Coaching got me on a much better track and I feel so much more empowered now. People have told me I even look different. It’s the new confident me.

Annie C


I was the one who had to control everything.

But it was causing me so much stress that I just couldn’t cope anymore. I had been in therapy for years but Soul Coaching changed my life.  It gave me an inner strength I’d been missing. I didn’t even realize I’d lost hope until I found it. Life is a breeze now, I relax and smile so much more. And I don’t feel the need to control anything except me.

Lillian V


I couldn’t have done this alone.

I’d done a lot of self-help work but was advised by a friend to do Soul Coaching. I guess she knew something I didn’t. I had done a lot of work on myself but, if I’m truthful, I was still struggling. At work and in relationships. Gayle gave me so many answers and a powerful wake-up call. I realize my fate is in my hands now. It was like a pivotal piece in a lifelong puzzle.

Jeremy R


Get Unshakable Confidence

With your Transformational 5 Session Soul Coaching Package


1:1 Sessions

5 x 40-Minute Personalized Coaching Sessions with Gayle Maree, Spiritual Counselor of 22 years.


Anywhere in the World

We’ll organize a time to suit us both


Introductory Price

Only 1 of these Introductory Packages per person


5 Available

These get such amazing results, I can’t wait to start working with you, but I have a limited amount of time. My regular clients pay $350 for just one of these transformational sessions. So there are only 5 Packages available. Act now!

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Never Visit a Therapist Again!

We can’t wait for you to begin because we know the only thing that ever holds you back is you.

If your past is full of narcissists, overbearing work colleagues or demanding family, you’re saying that you don’t love and value yourself enough to deserve better, so It’s time to stop riding that hamster wheel and begin creating new quality relationships today.

Gayle Maree Herring

Clear the past and move forward with confidence

Imagine embracing the world each day with unshakable confidence

Clear the past and move forward with confidence

Imagine embracing the world each day with unshakable confidence