Module 1 

Video  1

– Introduction to Healing

– Building an Awareness

– Expectations of Healing


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Q & A




Daily Awareness Exercise

Open the PDF below to get a copy of your awareness chart and instructions for journalling your awareness.

You can just open, download or print.

Module 2

Video  1

– Recap on Module 1

– Mindset of Healing

– Can I heal others if I’m not in perfect health?

– Visualization Exercise


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Q & A





Visualization Exercise

Click the button below to download and use your visualization exercise to expand your expression of love, joy and appreciation. The emotions that are necessary for healing.

Module 3

Video  1

– Being in a Healing Space

– What you should feel

– What’s in a Vibration

– Ball of energy & Golden Light


Video  2

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Healing Ball of Light Exercise

Use this visualization to develop your healing abilities. The more often you use it the quicker you’ll be able to use a shortcut. of just focusing on your breath or counting from 10 to 1.

Golden Light Audio

Use the Golden Light as a part of your morning routine to wrap your thoughts, protection or as a method of healing yourself or others. The Golden Light meditation will help dissolve resistance quickly so that you can become a clear conduit for love and healing.

Module 4

Video  1

– Clarify your Vibration

– Becoming acutely aware of the signs

– Creating your Healing Workshop


Video  2

Q & A




Healing Workshop Setup

Your healing workshop is created as a visualization in the mind and is designed as a sacred space for you to heal, find solutions, and feel safe while you work on the things that most matter to you. Once this workshop is set up you have it for life.

Module 5

Video  1

– Healing Practice

– Workshop Healing

– Healing Others


Video  2

Q & A




Workshop Healing Audio

Using healing in your healing workshop.

Bonus Module

Clear the Past

Workshop Healing


Clear the Past – Audio

Clear the Past that is holding you back and change your future.

Module 6

Video  1

– Overview

– Incorporating Healing

– Powerful Healing Exercise