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The Power of Healing Foundation Course

to Bring Forth the Healer within you

6 Modules over 12 weeks

We’ll guide your healing journey with these 6 modules:


1. Jumpstart the Process

  • Healing Pain – We delve right on in
  • Awareness – The pivotal part of healing
  • Expectations – What to expect

2. Find your Own Vibe

  • Is Healing only for the Healthy?
  • Healing Mindset
  • Healing Visualization Technique

3. Nourishment

  • Food – How it affects our ability to heal
  • Foods that heal – what’s right for you
  • Cells response – to thoughts and emotions

4. Power of Thought

  • Inner You – Energy of your thoughts
  • Sequence – What you go through to generate pain and suffering
  • Secret – to harmonize your body and become a powerful healer

5. Bringing it Together

  • Methods – Discover what works for you
  • Connection – Calling in your guides
  • Remote Healing – work with those who aren’t even in front of you

6. Creating a Safe Space

  • Why – why you’re doing this and what you want from it
  • Story – Creating a safe space within to heal
  • Replenishment – how to heal when you’re not feeling great
  • Universal Law – how to work within the rules of the Universe

Who are we?

Allan Herring is Best Selling co-Author of 6 Dimensions of Healing. He is an Osteo inspired Manual Therapist and Healer with a background in Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch, Myoskeletal Therapy & Trigger Point. He has owned healing clinics in both Australia and USA and with wife Gayle, has developed the 6D Therapy Healing method.

Gayle Maree is Author of 6 Dimensions of Healing and a Spiritual Counselor of 23 years who has dedicated her life to helping people move forward emotionally.

Together, they help people heal physically and emotionally and travel the world (when they can) sharing their healing modalities.


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Begin the Emotional Mood Mastery Masterclass

When you Master your Mood, you Master your life. People will call you LUCKY!

The Mood Mastery Masterclass

A 21-day Self-Guided Journey of Self Discovery


Week 1


  • 5 Things you Absolutely Shouldn’t Do
  • Changing your dominant patterns
  • Attracting vs Repelling – Getting it right

Week 2


  • Introduction to your Inner Guidance System
  • Using your Inner Compass
  • How to connect and get your bearings within

Week 3


  • Mastering your Mood Map
  • Create a life by design
  • How to tell if it’s working for you
Here’s what’s in the Emotional Mood Mastery Masterclass
  • 21-Day Masterclass. Each of the 3 modules contains 1 week of training and practice.
  • Support. You receive unlimited email support.
  • Vital work using the 6 Dimensions of Healing  (book below) to get you ready to attract your spiritual soulmate relationship.
  • Video training. Each module is equipped with instructional videos.
  • Interactive workbooks. We’ve created an interactive workbook that can be downloaded as a PDf or booklet.
  • How you learn. The workbook contains tuition, questions, writing space, journaling entries, and video QR codes for background and instructional videos on each module.
  • Formula for designing a great life that makes you jump out of bed every morning to greet the day. We talk about a default life and that’s what most people in the world live. But for a truly great life, there is a simple formula you can follow to change your life from mediocre to amazing.
  • Attract with Power and learn to attract whatever you want with confidence. It’s not wishful thinking. There is actually a method for attracting and we’ll teach this to you.
  • Change the sign on your back, so you don’t keep attracting those situations that make you feel alone, under-appreciated, and used.
  • Begin to Attract amazing things into your life. In your relationships, health, love and finances.

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