Power of Healing Foundation Course

Learn to Heal Yourself and Help Those you Love

Bring Forth the Healer Within You

Today’s the day we begin to show you how to heal others by learning how to heal yourself. Sounds difficult?

Well, if you’ve been one of the 40,000 clients we’ve had over the past 14 years, you’ll realize it’s not only possible but available when you begin to learn the foundations of how to heal yourself.

You’re going to love it! 

 How it Works

The Power of Healing Foundation Course is for you if you want to…

Take Back your Power

Take back your own power and begin to understand how your body works and the discover how to influence your own health

Discover your Talent

When you begin to stand in the Power of Healing, you can develop a method that suits you and works for you and others

Begin to Heal your Life

And help those you love. The more your Practice your Healing Abilities, the stronger they become and the more the Universe works with you

What some of our Clients are saying on Google

Paul Morg

Gentle effective healing treatment. Very happy to have found you again. Everything was explained clearly. I walked out with much less pain and feeling more alert and bright. Thank you
Jean Renauer

Allan has a gift, and was able to get me out of pain almost immediately. I highly recommend him as a healer, and as someone who knows what he’s doing! Thank You!! 🙂
Monika Kenney

This man is truly God in my eyes! I suffered with an arm that I couldn’t move and was in such pain I literally cried for a week! All the doctor told me to do was take painkillers and have a cortisone injection in my shoulder, I went to this wonderful man in desperation, he was just fantastic! I had the best night’s sleep in over a week and the next morning I was able to lift my arm without pain. I can’t recommend his healing highly enough! Allan Herring is a master in his field and if you suffer from any kind of pain see him first. Thank you again, Allan God Herring ❤❤❤

Think you can’t do this?

I don’t know if I’m ready!

Yes you are. We’ve heard this many times before but healing is innate in all of us. You can learn to heal yourself and you can also be of healing help to those you love. Not only can you do this, but you owe it to yourself and those you love to become a loving, healing being now.

It’s such a big responsibility

No it’s not. It’s very natural and the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Love is never any burden to carry. And everybody deserves to feel your love. You have no control over the outcome and we’ll teach you about the ethics of healing.

What if I can’t get results?

Expectations undermine everybody and that’s why, when you are learning how to heal yourself and others, we support you in letting go of those undermining habits, including expectations. You can do this and when you let go of the expectations of the outcome, you’ll be guided by Source as to what comes next.

I already do healing

We all have the ability to heal. But there is a difference between somebody who can heal and those who are healers. Healers are disciplined, practiced and have a strong connection to Source. They are powerful and well-guided by their inner connection. And love pours forth from them.

If you do healing, this is your opportunity to fine-tune it and become a powerful healer.

What if I’m hurting…

Can I heal myself physically and emotionally?

Of course. The mind, body, and spirit are connected. In fact, one heals the other. There is never a time when you are only healing the physical body, even if that’s where you feel pain.

We’ll help you discover the six dimensions of healing we’ve been using as our cornerstone for healing.  And the emotional dimension is where you’ll find most of the root causes for even physical pain.

There’s nothing worse than watching those you love in pain, no matter whether its…

Your kids

It’s difficult to watch your kids in pain

Your Family

You feel powerless when you can’t help

Your Friends

Those you love need your help too

But, there is a solution…

You can join us for the Power of Healing Foundation Course

6 Modules over 12 weeks

We’ll guide your healing journey with these 6 modules:


1. Jumpstart the Process

  • Healing Pain – We delve right on in
  • Awareness – The pivotal part of healing
  • Chronic Pain – How pain works
  • Expectations – What to expect

2. Find your Own Vibe

  • Confidence – Developing the Mental Confidence to heal
  • Focus – where your mind needs to be
  • Ethics – who you should & shouldn’t heal
  • Protection – how to guard and protect yourself

3. Nourishment

  • Food – How it affects our ability to heal
  • Foods that heal – what’s right for you
  • Digestion – the importance in healing
  • Cells response – to thoughts and emotions

4. Power of Thought

  • Inner You – Energy of your thoughts
  • Sequence – What you go through to generate pain and suffering
  • Secret – to harmonize your body and become a powerful healer

5. Bringing it Together

  • Methods – Discover what works for you
  • Connection – Calling in your guides
  • Remote Healing – work with those who aren’t even in front of you

6. Creating a Safe Space

  • Why – why you’re doing this and what you want from it
  • Story – Creating a safe space within to heal
  • Replenishment – how to heal when you’re not feeling great
  • Universal Law – how to work within the rules of the Universe

Some things you may want to know…

How much time will I need to invest each week?

We expect that you will be investing about 2 hours a week to develop a healing habit.

Of course, you’ll find that the more often you practice your healing, the more often you’ll want to use it and the stronger it will get. We’ve broken it down for you

  • Meditation 15 mins/day
  • Journaling 10 minutes/day
  • Morning routine 10 minutes/day
  • Healing practice throughout the day

It takes a little practice to incorporate new patterns into your life, but it’s worth it and eventually they’ll become fully incorporated. It’ll become who you are.

What do I get with this program?

You’ll get a lot of us. Allan and I will be with you on your healing journey. We’ll guide you, teach you and be there to help you to the next step and the next level as you’re ready. We want you to become a powerful healer.

Will this course work for me?

Even though we can’t guarantee results, we can assure you that we will do all we can to support you on your journey. If this means it takes you a little longer to catch up, then that’s ok. We’ll be there for you.

I’ve taken many of my 1:1 spiritual counseling clients through this same process, and they’ve told me how their entire world has changed in a better way and how their transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. 

That being said, the course is definitely right for you if:

– You’re sick and tired of being told what you should or shouldn’t do with your health


– You’ve had a series of ‘bad luck’ and are ready for things to turn around


– You’re sick of feeling that you can’t do anything when those around you are hurting


– You feel totally lost and need a roadmap and support to help you move forwards in your healing journey


– You’re feeling stuck, anxious or in pain most of the time and want to feel good fast


– You don’t want to be in pain in 2, 5 or even 10 years time.


The key “requirement” for this program is the willingness to move forward. This program will change your life in ways you never imagined possible.

The course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re expecting overnight results  This is not a ‘quick fix’ formula; this work goes extremely deep and is designed to create lasting change in your life. It requires practice and dedication. Only you can create change in your life, ever.
  • You aren’t willing to change your attitude. I know what it feels like to be in emotional and physical pain and sometimes you get a fit of the ‘can’t help it’s’. But unless you’re ready to move on from being sick and tired of whining, then this isn’t the time for you to begin this course. So, commit to opening your mind and your heart. Then you’ll feel supported and loved. ?
  • You know everything. I have no doubt that we’ll share some info in this course that you’ll already know, but I’ve found in my counseling career that things need to be repeated in a multitude of varying formats before you actually ‘get them’. So approach this program with an open mind, knowing that you will always get what you need, when you need it, even if you think you already know it!
Will I receive anything by 'snail' mail?

The courses will be conducted online but you will receive a copy of the 6 Dimensions of Healing book by mail.

What materials do I need to start the program?

As a bonus you will receive a copy of Gayle Maree and Allan Herring’s book, 6 Dimensions of Healing, so all you’ll need in materials is a journal or two to use along the way and a quiet space to do your inner work.

You might be asking

Who are we?

Allan Herring is Best Selling co-Author of 6 Dimensions of Healing. He is an Osteo inspired Manual Therapist and Healer with a background in Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch, Myoskeletal Therapy & Trigger Point. He has owned healing clinics in both Australia and USA and with wife Gayle, has developed the 6D Therapy Healing method.

Gayle Maree is Author of 6 Dimensions of Healing and a Spiritual Counselor of 23 years who has dedicated her life to helping people move forward emotionally.

Together, they help people heal physically and emotionally and travel the world (when they can) sharing their healing modalities.


What our Valued Clients are saying…

Susan Murchison

We are cleaners in our early sixties, so my husband and I work hard. I suffer from knee pain, lower back and neck pain and my husband also has really bad arthritis in his spine, knees, ankles, toes, feet, wrists, fingers, shoulders, elbows and neck.

Alan’s method of healing is gentle yet very effective at keeping our pain at a minimum so that we can continue to work with relatively no pain and do the work that others our age can no longer do because of pain and inflammation. We go regularly to Alan for his healing method, to keep our bodies in good order and enjoy the benefits of good health.

We have over the years, tried many other physiotherapists, chiropractors and methods such as Bowen Techniques, Emmett Techniques, acupuncture and massages but find the method of treatment Alan uses is the most effective at keeping us relatively pain-free. Appreciate your good work Alan and feel privileged to have someone who is so skilled in his work and is able to help us. Thanks again.
Michelle Mitchell

Wonderful treatment, very friendly, relaxing and comfortable. I wish they could travel with us around the world to keep me feeling this good all the time. Could not recommend this clinic any higher. Do yourself and your body a favour, book an appointment and feel instant relief.
June Dwyer

I attended the Healing session suffering very painful upper back and neck pain which was preventing me from performing my daily work. Allan worked on my back and neck quickly relieved my pain. Thank you very much. I do heartily recommend this healing for pain treatment or just checkups to prevent this happening.

Plus hundreds more…

You owe it to Yourself to Register now for the

Power of Healing Foundation Course

What's included:

Power of Healing Foundation Course

6 Modules over 12 weeks

Support and Guidance

Practice and Feedback

Professional Tuition

Video Replays

Elevated Confidence

Empowered to Heal

Newfound Purpose and Joy

Live Classes with Q & A

Supportive Community

Likeminded High Vibrational People

Your Life will Never be the Same (in a good way!)

This course plus bonuses is valued at over $6791

Your investment is 1 Payment of just


when paying in full

Or Payment Plan of $197

every 2 weeks for 6 months

12 x US$197

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk to you. If, for any reason you find that the Power of Healing Foundation Course isn’t for you, then we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

But wait, There’s more

Special Bonuses to help you on your Healing Journey

6 dimensions of healing book

Bonus #1

6 Dimensions of Healing – Handbook

6 Dimensions of Healing Handbook. Both the digital and the paperback version.

Use this handbook as your reference. Whenever you feel like you’ve wavered from your purpose and direction, you can use this manual as your guiding light to get your healing on the track fast.

It’s more than a book, Allan and I brought this through for you. It’s your channeled guide to love and healing.

We’ll ship it to your door, anywhere in the world.


find my soulmate coaching

Bonus #2

Mood Mastery Masterclass

MasterclassMastering your Mood has a profound effect on healing your life, as your mood creates your vibration and your vibration determines your health, both inside and out.

Use this self-study Masterclass as your path through the emotional turmoil within to begin to understand your emotions and control them so that you can master your mood.



find my soulmate coaching

Bonus #3

Support and Community

Your healing journey can be done alone, but it doesn’t need to be. That’s why we’re here, to act as a bridge so that you can shortcut the 20 years of practice with the love and support your need.

We’ll support your journey the whole way with Allan’s innate ability to heal the body and Gayle’s 23 years as a Spiritual Counselor to help you shine the light on your path.

You’re not just a student,,, you’ll be a part of the family.



Bonus #4

Festival Gold VIP Pass

As a bonus, you receive a Gold Membership for the Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival.

Watch over 30 hours of workshop replays at any time you like.

These were transformational teachings from some of the most talented people in their field in the world. It’s yours, free!



find my soulmate coaching

Bonus #5

Video Replays plus Special Q&A

We understand that you may not always be able to attend the live workshops, even though we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Sometimes life just gets in the way. So we have you covered.

We will record our workshops for you to watch in your own time and we’ll make a special time to answer questions you may have.