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Mood Mastery Masterclass - 21-Day Guided Journey of Self-Discovery
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What’s a Mood Mastery Masterclass?

This is the missing piece you need to be ready to attract your Spiritual Soulmate relationship

Is the Mood Mastery Masterclass Right for Me?

6D Mood MasteryThe Mood Mastery Masterclass is right for you if:


  • You’ve had enough of not getting what you want in life – while everyone else around you seems to be happy
  • You want so much more from life but just don’t know how to go about getting it
  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and can see more of the same in the future
  • You want to build your self-esteem so that you can begin to attract a life you truly love
  • You feel like something’s missing in life but you can’t quite put your finger on what that is
  • You’re sick of feeling sorry for yourself
  • You crave a deeper connection with the people close to you
  • You don’t want to be in the same emotional place in 2, 5 or even 10 years time
  • You’ve had enough of having to pretend to be happy and that everything’s working out
  • Everything seems to be ok, but you aren’t happy, feeling stuck, trapped or anxious and making excuses as to why you feel this way
  • You’re ready to attract a Spiritual Soulmate relationship

“Life was much easier when I learned to read my own crystal ball.”

Janelle, former student

The Mood Mastery Masterclass:

Week 1


  • 5 Things you Absolutely Shouldn’t Do
  • Changing your dominant patterns
  • Attracting vs Repelling – Getting it right

Week 2


  • Introduction to your Inner Guidance System
  • Using your Inner Compass
  • How to connect and get your bearings within

Week 3


  • Mastering your Mood Map
  • Create a life by design
  • How to tell if it’s working for you

Some of our Happy Clients are over the Moon with their Results

From my Darkest Days to Weight Loss

It was after my trip to Italy last year that was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime, that my long term partner decided I just wasn’t fun enough for him anymore, and he left. Just like that. After nearly 10 years.

It didn’t just hurt, it churned me up inside. I went from crying to feeling angry, to blaming myself. It was a real roller-coaster ride. One day I would be ok and the next I couldn’t get inspired to even get out of bed.

Everything was suffering. I was working and that was giving me problems as they were relying heavily on me and I just resented the long hours and enormous responsibility. To top it off, I was looking after an elderly mother, going through chemo for breast cancer and although they’d gotten on top of the disease, I wasn’t doing well at pulling through.

I was in the darkest time of my life and I couldn’t quit crying, I couldn’t get out of my own way. It wasn’t just the relationship breakup, I had lost myself and I really no longer wanted to be around. 

I called Gayle in desperation and she started me on her program. Her weekly support, the program and the book, have turned my life around. I’ve known a lot of these concepts from the past but reading at this time and following their direction completely changed my life and the way I look at life. 

I no longer look at things through the darkness, I look at them in the light. For the first time in many, many years I feel good about myself, I’m even losing weight. Probably because I’m no longer holding onto the things that made me swell up with emotion.

For anyone who is looking for a way out of the end of the dark tunnel please invest yourself in this program and the freedom it will bring you. It completely makes a difference in how you see your world. 

I no longer live in fear, I’m able to do things that I didn’t think I was ever able to do again I’m getting back to being me again. I love both Allan and Gayle. They saved my life.

Golaunda Z.

Inspiring Story of Newfound Hope


Christine was very low on hope when I met her. She’d read our book (6 Dimensions of Healing) so she was interested in what I had to say and when I offered my Masterclass program, Christine was the first to sign up.

Christine had a long history of abuse and abusive relationships. She was ‘always attracting the wrong guys’. There had been many changes she’d tried to put in place, from positive thinking to therapy, but she didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Christine was looking for a soul connection with herself. She wanted to fill the gap and dull the pain that was hurting inside.

After the first week, I could see she was struggling with all that was going on and it was a little overwhelming too. But she kept following the formula. One step at a time.

After week 2, I could see how she had already shifted some of the blocks that were keeping her from even imagining a different future. You see, Christine had lost the hope to even dream. She didn’t dare imagine a future of love, she just wanted some peace inside.

By the third week, Christine was looking at life from a new perspective. Opportunities were beginning to appear and that was giving her hope of a possible new future. Her emotional load had lifted like a dark rain cloud clears to reveal sunshine. It was that dramatic. There were still things in her past she wasn’t ready to look at, but I could see her growing more and more each week.

It was in week 4 that Christine had her biggest breakthrough when she decided that there were things in her past that no longer deserved her attention. That acknowledgment gave way to optimism and the light began to shine in Christine’s life. Things were happening that made her feel lucky for the first time ever.

Christine was always passionate about helping kids to empower themselves and not suffer the same emotional tragedies as she had. She’s now making a huge impact in the lives of kids and the broader community. She lives with her husband and now has 2 children of her own which she passes on what she knows. In her words, she feels optimistic and free. She’s no longer held back by the old belief patterns she was stuck in.

Christine travels all over the state, not only teaching kids how to feel empowered but plans to build a center that teaches teachers to do the same.

Christine D.

I’ve found my Luck


It’s hard for me to even imagine where I was before I met Gayle. There were dark times when I just didn’t want to be around anymore. I’d gotten to a stage that anti-depressants were my only answer.

I just felt so unlucky in life because I kept attracting the same situations, in love and life. No matter whether I thought I’d changed and an opportunity looked promising, they all ended the same. 

It was depressing, and I hate to admit it but I was really feeling sorry for myself, so I was prescribed some anti-depressants.

I knew they weren’t a long term solution but I didn’t know what else to do. A friend recommended Gayle and I decided that if I was afraid that if something didn’t change I would be in this low place forever. And I really didn’t want that.

There are so many things that have happened to me since, that I never thought possible and it’s all because of my new and much-improved attitude.

I now feel lucky and I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve said that. I would have given anything to put these changes into place.

Fiona V.

Mood Mastery Masterclass

21-Day Guided Journey of


  • 21-Day Masterclass. Each of the 3 modules contains 1 week of training and practice.
  • Support. You receive unlimited email support.
  • Vital work using the 6 Dimensions of Healing  (book below) to get you ready to attract your spiritual soulmate relationship.
  • Video training. Each module is equipped with instructional videos.
  • Interactive workbooks. We’ve created an interactive workbook that can be downloaded as a PDf or booklet.
  • How you learn. The workbook contains tuition, questions, writing space, journaling entries, and video QR codes for background and instructional videos on each module.
  • Formula for designing a great life that makes you jump out of bed every morning to greet the day. We talk about a default life and that’s what most people in the world live. But for a truly great life, there is a simple formula you can follow to change your life from mediocre to amazing.
  • Attract with Power and learn to attract whatever you want with confidence. It’s not wishful thinking. There is actually a method for attracting and we’ll teach this to you.
  • Change the sign on your back, so you don’t keep attracting those situations that make you feel alone, under-appreciated, and used.
  • Begin to Attract amazing things into your life. In your relationships, health, love and finances.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time will I need to invest each week?

We expect that you will be investing about 2 hours a week to transform your life.

It’s not a bad investment really, when you consider the benefits of being happier, life flowing more easily and wanting to jump out of bed earlier to greet the day.

  • Workbook 60 minutes/week
  • Meditation 15 mins/day
  • Journaling 10 minutes/day
  • Morning routine 10 minutes/day

It takes a little practice to incorporate new patterns into your life, but it’s worth it and eventually, you won’t even realize they’re taking any time at all.

What do I get with this program?

Interactive PDF downloadable workbooks that come with QR codes for videos to help you through each stage of the workbook plus printable booklets.

21-Day Self-Guided Program based on the 6 Dimensions of Healing (book below)

Unlimited Email Support through

Clearing and Up-leveling your Relationships guided meditation.

Great bonuses including:

  • Create a New Story through meditation
  • Life with Purpose Mastermind PDF,
  • How to get rid of Narcissists in your life

Includes bonuses worth over $495 (See details of bonuses below)

Will this course work for me?

Everyone’s situation is different and of course I can’t guarantee results, but I can give you the formula, the tools and the support you need to create the life of your dreams.

I’ve taken many of my 1:1 spiritual counseling clients through this same process, and they’ve told me how their entire world has changed in a better way and how their transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Whether you get that raise at work now or in 6 months’ time, when you follow the formula in this program, your life will change in amazing ways.

That being said, the course is definitely right for you if:

– You’re sick and tired of being overlooked in life – while everyone else around you seems to be happy


– You’ve had a series of ‘bad luck’ and are ready for things to turn around


– You’ve been on your own for years and are fed up of being asked why things haven’t worked out for you or looked on as “Poor …., they work so hard”.


– You feel totally lost and need a roadmap and support to help you move forwards in your life


-You’ve had enough pretending to be happy and just want it to be your turn, NOW!


– You’re feeling stuck, trapped or anxious most of the time and want guidance and clarity over what to do next


– You don’t want to be still standing in the same place in 2, 5 or even 10 years time.


The key “requirement” for this program is the willingness to move forward. This program will change your life in ways you never imagined possible.

The course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re expecting overnight results  This is not a ‘quick fix’ formula; this work goes extremely deep and is designed to create lasting change in your life. It requires practice and dedication. Only you can create change in your life, ever.
  • You aren’t willing to change your attitude. I know what it feels like to be in emotional pain and sometimes you get a fit of the ‘can’t help it’s’. But unless you’re ready to move on from being sick and tired of whining, then this isn’t the time for you to begin this Masterclass. So, commit to opening your mind and your heart. Then you’ll feel supported and loved. ?
  • You know everything. I have no doubt that we’ll share some info in this masterclass that you’ll already know, but I’ve found in my counseling career that things need to be repeated in a multitude of varying formats before you actually ‘get them’. So approach this program with an open mind, knowing that you will always get what you need, when you need it, even if you think you already know it!
Will I receive anything by 'snail' mail?
Everything will be online. You’ll receive information either by email or the weekly coaching calls will be on zoom. These will be recorded and distributed by email for those who either couldn’t make the call or would like to listen again. Zoom also has the ability to save the chat.

Also, the workbooks and game-boards will be released weekly and are both downloadable and printable.

What materials do I need to start the program?
It’s advised to purchase a copy of Gayle Maree and Allan Herring’s book, 6 Dimensions of Healing, and a journal or two to use along the way. But it’s not mandatory. it just gives you an insight into the depth of the program offered.

Bonuses when you Register Now!

Bonus #1

Get Rid of that Narcissist Once and For All

Narcissist – 0  Personal Power – 10. How to Kick that Narcissist out of Orbit and Take your Power Back

Narcissistic relationships are about handing power over to somebody in who you’ve misplaced trust. It’s a pattern that was created early on and it’s one that follows you all through school, into teens and adulthood.

It’s time to change the sign on your back to one that supports you and helps you remove that victim status from your life.

Bonus #2

‘Create a New Story’ Meditation

Clear the past and clarify the future with this clearing the past meditation.

It’s not just a meditation, it’s a new pattern and a new life story. The focus is on creating new stories around the future of your relationships.

Nothing was ever created that wasn’t first imagined and this is a powerful meditation to heal the past and create a new beginning. One that you design and you really love. Your future is in your hands (or imagination).

Bonus #3

Life With Purpose© Mastermind – PDF

Everybody wants to know whether they’re living their life’s purpose or what that purpose is. It’s a question that burns deep inside until you understand the bigger picture.

So we’ve put together this PDF so you can discover your own purpose. Yes, we do all have one. Sometimes more.

And we’ll dive deep into this subject in a later course, so you’ll have no doubt of your own life’s purpose and how to walk in those ambitious shoes. 

I’ve tried many courses and they all promised a lot. But this is more than a course, it’s a journey and Gayle is a great facilitator. She knows what you’re going through and what you need. It certainly made a difference in my life.

Teresa B.


I’m really blown away by who I’ve become, it’s so far away from where I started a few weeks ago. I didn’t know life could be so good as I thought it only happened to other people. I was taught you had to work really hard and if you’re lucky and you get some breaks, you just might make it. I certainly had no idea there was a formula. It’s really the best-kept secret I didn’t even know existed. And I’m really glad I found it just at the right time.

Lauren J.


Mood Mastery wasn’t what I expected, in a good way. I actually didn’t realize my patterns were holding me back because I had already done a lot of personal development work. But 6D Mood Mastery changed everything… Wow!

Jennifer D.


Mood Mastery Masterclass

21-Day Guided Journey of Self-Discovery

This is what you get:

24-Page Booklet – PDF and downloadable booklet version

10 Videos via QR codes available 24hrs/day

Work at your own pace

Journal prompts and Journal pages

Mood Barometer Download

Mood Map Download

3 Step Mood Path guided journey

Path to Inner Guidance and Connection

Downloads in PDF and printable booklet

5 Steps to Creating a Life by Design

Power of meditation

How to Manifest your dreams

‘Create a new story’ guided visualization

Life with Purpose PDF – Mastermind

Unlimited email support

Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $97.00.

Your Mood Mastery Questions Answered

Who can benefit from Mood Mastery?

Everyone who is willing to be conscious of their moods and change them to feeling better and better will benefit from 6D Mood Mastery. It will benefit your health, your relationships, your success and your finances. In fact, Mood Mastery enhances every aspect of your life.

Does everyone experience moods?

Yes, moods are emotions and everyone in the world experiences them continually.

But we all experience them differently, and we each have the opportunity to either be in control of our moods or not, no matter what’s happening around us.

Therefore, we all have the opportunity of deciding our future, just by learning to master our moods.

How does it actually work?

It’s not magical it’s just common sense that wasn’t taught to us at school.

When you have a thought and ponder that thought, you also create an emotion. That dominant emotion becomes a mood.

Your dominant mood is a request to the Universe for more of what your mood is about.

So if somebody does something that you feel resentful about, for instance, just ponder that mood for a little while and you’ll find that more thoughts come to mind that make you feel resentful. This is called attraction.

Your mood is actually attracting more thoughts that support that mood. It’s not because you deserve it, it’s just because you’ve asked for it through your dominant mood.

Mood Mastery shows you how to change this.

It takes the guesswork out of what you’re creating for your future.

How do I know if it's the right time for me to do this?

If there’s something you want in life that you don’t have, and you really really want it, and you’re afraid that if you don’t do anything about it you’ll never get it, then it’s time. Right now!

Aren't moods normal?


Very normal. In fact, they’re a mode of communication between you and your inner self or higher self or inner wisdom or whatever you’d like to call it.

That’s why it’s so important that you understand your moods. So that you’ll know what communication is going on and how you can use it to benefit your direction in life.

Why is mastering my mood important?

Because if you don’t take control of your moods then your moods will control your life.

Which is likely what’s happening now. So how’s that working out for you?

Wouldn’t you like to know that things are always working out for you? Not because you’ve been a good person or you’re deserving according to others, but because you’ve taken control over your own mood and therefore can allow wonderful things to come into your life.

How can Mood Mastery help me?

Your moods are always working in your life. They never turn off. There isn’t a time when you aren’t experiencing some sort of mood.

So wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can get your moods to work for you, instead of against you?

That means, instead of feeling angry at what someone has said, you have the tools to change that around and feel wonderful, no matter what they say or do. 

When you’re not at the mercy of another’s thoughts, actions or opinions, that’s really a freeing and powerful place to stand.

Do I need to dig up the past?

Absolutely not!

But we find that most women are so acutely aware of the past that they attract more of it. Lots more. And that’s how the past repeats itself. So you will need to change your perceptions of life to move forward.

Can I really have everything I want?


If you can imagine it, then the Universe will find a way to deliver it to you. The only thing that stops it from coming is you.

So it’s probably time to get out of your own way. Now!

6 Dimensions of Healing – Handbook

What if you were the one who had control over your future? Not somebody else. Not your parents, your boss, your ex-husband or your kids. But you. What if you were the one in control? With the 6 Dimensions of Healing, book, you can be.