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Stop sitting on the sidelines, thinking you are going to do this alone!

Awakening to your One True Love in 6-weeks
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Design your New Love Story & Choose the Ending you Want

Did you catch the breakthrough video on How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes most People make when Looking for Love?

If you didn’t then this is your last chance to watch it now. This video will be taken down at the end of registration.

Find out if you’ve been making this mistake. It sure is a big one! 

Is this System Right for Me?

Awakening to your One True Love is for you if:


  • You’ve had enough of being rejected, disappointed or completely overlooked in love – while everyone else around you seems to be happy
  • You’ve had a series of toxic, unhealthy relationships and are ready to heal your spiritual connection
  • You’ve done the personal development programs, seminars and workshops but something’s still missing
  • You want to build your self-esteem so that you can begin to attract your True Love
  • You’re sick of feeling sorry for yourself
  • You crave a deep soul connection with someone special you can grow with
  • You’re heartbroken and need support, coaching and a proven system to help you move forward
  • You don’t want to be in the same emotional place in 2, 5 or even 10 years time
  • You’ve had enough of the superficial online dating world and want to find a real spiritual connection
  • You’re in a relationship, but aren’t happy, feeling stuck, trapped or anxious and making excuses why you should or shouldn’t leave
  • You’d like to uncover and dissolve those invisible sabotaging patterns
  • It’s time to change the sign on your back
  • You’ve done the personal development courses and the therapy and are still struggling

Let Gayle guide you in creating a miracle to Awaken to your One True Love with this 6-week Group Coaching Program

Awakening to your One True Love

with the LOVE STORY System:

Module 1

Opening your Eyes to Love

  • Understanding your OLD LOVE STORY
  • The biggest mistake you may be making and how to fix it
  • Setting new POWERFUL INTENTIONS to move forward

Module 2

Dissolve Hidden Obstacles

  • Identify your invisible SABOTAGING PATTERNS
  • Discovering the GIFT all your relationships have given you
  • Create a new inner dialogue to attract TRUE LOVE

Module 3

Activate your Self-Love

  • Key differences in love types
  • Developing a new Pattern of INNER SUPPORT
  • Validating and IGNITING intentions for love

Module 4

Become a Magnet for Love

  • How to TRANSFORM TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS so they no longer have power over you
  • Recognizing the SIGN ON YOUR BACK and how to change it
  • Action for attracting exciting NEW LOVE

Module 5

Design your New LOVE STORY

  • Deep Dive into creating your SOULMATE LIST
  • Learn the POWER of imagining your BIGGER PICTURE
  • Implement your new LOVE STORY to attract your ONE TRUE LOVE

Module 6

Bringing it all Together

  • Identify blocks still holding you back, so that you can SAFELY MOVE FORWARD
  • Develop a PROGRAM OF SUPPORT, for the tough times
  • Sweeping out the COBWEBS OF OLD MEMORIES that haunt you

With Weekly Group Coaching & Daily email Support

What this Program is Not!


This isn’t a dating service. We don’t find you dates or tell you who is right for you. This is about finding your own power through proven methods and techniques to ATTRACT your One True Love. You’ll gain the ability to read your own crystal ball.


This isn’t a pre-recorded seminar or webinar that tells you a generic story and hopes you fit into a typical box, leaving you empty and disappointed. This is a professional program that’s tailor-made to your needs. That means we find out what you need and we deliver it to you, so that you can have your love breakthrough.


You won’t find your One True Love overnight. Well, at least we hope you don’t because that will probably be more of the same as you’ve had before. When you’re looking for a long term loving relationship, there’s a system for becoming a magnet for love in your own LOVE STORY.

Gayle Maree Herring

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are going to work so hard to make sure the LOVE STORY system will give you the transformation you need for your love breakthrough, that we offer a 14-Day NO QUESTIONS ASKED, Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, begin the LOVE STORY system and if it’s not right for you, then the first 2 weeks are yours free. That means all the information, the downloads, personal coaching, Q&A and the bonuses from the first two weeks of this life changing program, cost you absolutely nothing.



You will be a part of something New & Exciting


This is the first time we have used the LOVE STORY system in a group setting, so we don’t have testimonials (yet). However, what we do promise you is loads of professional support from Gayle’s 22 years Counseling experience, personal accountability for progress and GUARANTEED feedback.

We are going to work so hard to make sure the LOVE STORY system will give you the transformation you need for your love breakthrough, that we offer a 14-Day NO QUESTIONS ASKED, Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, begin the LOVE STORY system and if it’s not right for you, then the first 2 weeks are yours free. That means all the information, the downloads, personal coaching, Q&A and the bonuses from the first two weeks of this life changing program, cost you absolutely nothing.

We’ve had such extraordinary breakthroughs in our 1:1 LOVE STORY sessions that we are confident you too will have the support necessary to have your very own love miracle. And not only will a group setting of peers and professionals give you support but it will also save you thousands on therapy.

So become a magnet to the deep spiritual soulmate connection you truly desire and register today.

This Program Saves you Money

The LOVE STORY system is a shortcut to delivering your breakthrough in love and will save you both time and money in therapy and courses. You can’t do this by yourself, so stop sitting on the sidelines and thinking you’re going to somehow do this alone. Your miracle begins here. Click below to register.

Awakening to your One True Love

The LOVE STORY system designed to give you a breakthrough in Love

  • 6 Week Tailor-Made Program. Each of the 6 modules are designed to get you closer to attracting the love of your life.
  • Support. As a Spiritual Counselor for over 22 years, I’ll be there to support your journey in regaining your self-worth and attracting your One True Love, every step of the way.
  • Video training (live and recorded). Each module will be conducted live and recorded so that every participant has an opportunity to participate and re-listen to the material they need to grow.
  • Interactive workbooks. We’ve created some interactive workbooks that contain questions, writing space, journaling entries, and video instructions on each module.
  • Oh, and we also have quizzes,challenges and game boards. It’s going to be fun!
  • Weekly live calls with Q&A. Each week there will be live calls and we try to accommodate people from all over the world. But if you can’t be there, they will be recorded and made available. You’ll receive the link by email.
  • Clearing of Pain blocks and limiting beliefs. We all have pain blocks and limiting beliefs. We’ll have exercises for you to pinpoint these limiting beliefs so that they no longer hold you back.
  • Formula for designing a great life that makes you jump out of bed every morning to greet the day. We talk about a default life and that’s what most people in the world live. But for a truly great life, there is a simple formula you can follow to change your from mediocre to amazing.
  • Relationship building tools to connect with your Spiritual Soulmate. They also work with friends, family, and work colleagues. Strategies to maneuver and create great lasting relationships
  • Stand in your own Power and learn to attract your spiritual soulmate with confidence. It’s not looking, searching for finding. There is actually a method for attracting and we’ll teach this to you.
  • 5 F-Type Soulmates – that help you grow. All of your soulmates benefit your growth and without them you really couldn’t begin to attract your One True Love.
  • Change the sign on your back, so you don’t keep attracting more of the past. Wipe those toxic relationships from your future and create a plan for your new LOVE STORY.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time will I need to invest each week?

We expect that you will be investing about 2-3 hours a week to transform your life.

This is transition time, from loneliness to happiness, with someone you love by your side.

  • Training call 60-90mins/week
  • Workbook 60 minutes/week
  • Meditation 15 mins/day
  • Journaling 10 minutes/day
  • Morning routine 10 minutes/day

It takes a little practice to incorporate new patterns into your life at the beginning, but it’s a gentle transition which pays great rewards.

What do I get with this program?

You get 5 live & recorded modules delivered over 3 weeks. Each module is delivered live via zoom so that it includes all participants needs. These are recorded and sent via email for those who either can’t make the call or want to re-listen.

Weekly Q&A training calls Weekly training with Allan Herring and Gayle Maree plus Q&A.

Interactive PDF downloadable workbooks that come with QR codes for videos to help you through each stage of the workbook.

14-day Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked)

Clearing and Up-leveling your Relationships guided meditation.

Great bonuses including:

  • Golden Light Meditation to dissolve resistance,
  • Life with Purpose Mastermind PDF,
  • The 5 F-Types of Soulmates that help you grow,
  • 50 Conversation Starters for dating
  • How to Kick Narcissists out of your Orbit and Take your Power back.
  • How Healthy are your Relationships Quiz
  • Private Support Group Access

Includes bonuses worth over $1570 (See details of bonuses below)

Will this course work for me?

Everyone’s situation is different and of course I can’t guarantee results, but I can give you the formula, the tools and the support to attract a spiritual soulmate relationship – with all the strategies and step-by-step hand-holding.

I’ve taken many of my 1:1 spiritual counseling clients through this same process, and they’ve told me how their entire world has changed in a better way and how their transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Whether you get a romantic relationship now or in 6 months time, when you follow the formula in this program, your life will change in amazing ways.

That being said, the course is definitely right for you if:

– You’re sick and tired of being ghosted, rejected or disappointed in love – while everyone else around you seems to be happy


– You’ve had a series of toxic, unhealthy relationships and are ready to attract a spiritual connection


– You’ve been on your own for years and are fed up of being asked why you’re “still single” at family gatherings; you feel ready to meet your life partner, but have no idea where to even start


– You feel utterly heartbroken and need a roadmap and support to help you move forwards in your life


-You’ve had enough of the superficiality of the online dating world and want to find a real connection with a spiritual soulmate


– You’re in a relationship, but are feeling stuck, trapped or anxious most of the time and want guidance and clarity over whether to stay or leave


– You don’t want to be still standing in the same place in 2, 5 or even 10 years time.


The key “requirement” for this program is the willingness to move forward. This program will change your life in ways you never imagined possible and many of them have nothing to do with a spiritual soulmate.

The course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re expecting overnight results  This is not a ‘quick fix’ formula; this work goes extremely deep and is designed to create lasting change in your life. It requires practice and dedication. Only you can create change in your life, ever.
  • You aren’t willing to change your attitude. I know what it feels like to be in emotional pain and sometimes you get a fit of the ‘can’t help it’s’. But unless you’re ready to move on from being sick and tired of whining, then this isn’t the time for you to begin this program. So, only join us if you can commit to opening your mind and your heart. Then you’ll feel supported and loved. ?
  • You know everything. I have no doubt that we’ll share some info in this program that you’ll already know, but I’ve found in my counseling career that things need to be repeated in a multitude of varying formats before you actually ‘get them’. So approach this program with an open mind, knowing that you will always get what you need, when you need it, even if you think you already know it.
Is this open the LGBTQ community as well?
We have geared this towards women, whether attracting a man or a woman, but Allan also works with me and anybody who wants to attract a spiritual soulmate is welcome.
Do I get access to everything right away?

This is a personalized coaching program and will be adapted weekly to encompass the needs of all participants. That creates a lot of work on my part, but it’s worth it for the results.

You’ll have access week by week to the recorded video from the previous week, live group training calls on zoom, and interactive workbooks. Enough to keep you occupied. If you’re someone who wants to scoot ahead, this will be practice time for you. It takes practice to develop new patterns. So, enjoy designing your new life.

We also have optional challenges, game boards and bonuses that unfold weekly.


Will I receive anything by 'snail' mail?
Everything will be online. You’ll receive information either by email or the weekly coaching calls will be on zoom. These will be recorded and distributed by email for those who either couldn’t make the call or would like to listen again. Zoom also has the ability to save the chat.

Also, the workbooks and game-boards will be released weekly and are both downloadable and printable.

What materials do I need to begin the program?

It’s advised to purchase a copy of Gayle Maree and Allan Herring’s book, 6 Dimensions of Healing, but it’s not mandatory. it just gives you an insight into the depth of the program offered. You’ll also require a journal for writing.

Special Breakthrough Bonuses for You – When you Register Now

Bonus #1

Access to Private Support Group – feel the love!

It’s wonderful to think you can make the changes you need alone. But the truth is that more than 70% of people need support to get where they’re going.

And why wouldn’t you want support anyway, because it makes change easier and you have accountability to stick to the changes you put in place.

You are much more likely to succeed with support and it’s time to feel great, permanently.

Bonus #2

50 Killer Conversation Starters – to make a great first impression – Cards

You know what it’s like when you’re at a party and that one you’ve been watching across the room, walks over and starts talking and you either blurt out something you regret or the words just desert you all together?

Afterward, you kick yourself because you’ve pushed them away and lost your chance. Well, I don’t want you to go through that ever again, so we’ve put together these 50 Killer Conversation Starters.

You’ll begin to feel powerful and confident in your conversations with anybody, so that your One True Love will actually take notice.

Bonus #3

Let go of Attracting those Narcissists Once and For All to Feel Free!

Narcissist – 0  Personal Power – 10. How to Kick that Narcissist out of your Inner Orbit and Take your Power Back

Narcissistic relationships are about handing power over to somebody in who you’ve misplaced trust. It’s a pattern that was created early on and it’s one that follows you all through school, into teens and adulthood.

It’s time to change the sign on your back to one that supports you and helps you remove that victim status from your life.

Bonus #4

5 F-Type Soulmates That Help You Grow – even those you hate

We have many types of soulmates that come into our lives. Some are for a fleeting moment and others are for a lifetime. Just because you’re in a relationship that isn’t good for you, doesn’t mean you haven’t met your soulmate. It could be that they are there to simply give a nudge to change your direction.

Bonus #5

What’s your Relationship Style? – Quiz and how to change it

Pinpoint the assets and liabilities you have in relationships with this fun quiz. Designed to enlighten you on the patterns you have around relationships and the direction they’re heading. When you know this you can change them.

This quiz isn’t just a fun game, it helps you understand the real reason behind your mistakes from past relationships, so you can create a blueprint for a new relationship that you love.

Bonus #6

‘Create a New Relationships Story’ Meditation

Clear the past and clarify the future with this clearing the past meditation.

It’s not just a meditation, it’s a new pattern and a new life story. The focus is on creating new stories around the future of your relationships.

Nothing was ever created that wasn’t first imagined and this is a powerful meditation to heal the past and create a new beginning. One that you design and you really love. Your future is in your hands (or imagination).

Bonus #7

Weekly Game Board Challenges – Some fun!

I know you’re happy to make changes to become the person you really are inside. That caring, sensitive, loving person that would love to express herself in the world.

So, just to help you along we’ve designed some great fun. Because let’s face it, new things are always easier to remember when they’re fun.

So we’re excited to create some game board challenges we know you’re going to love. And they’ll help you reunite with that inner goddess you’ve been hiding for way too long.

About Gayle Maree

gayle maree find your soulmate coaching

Gayle Maree Herring DIP PLT, Counselor, Past Life Therapist, Law of Attraction Coach, Author – 6 Dimensions of Healing.

Gayle became a Spiritual Counselor over 22 years ago because she was frustrated with how relationships were unfolding in her life. She could see the pain so many people went through and yet she felt powerless to help.

So she spent many years developing experience and designing tools that have helped people have better and more fulfilling relationships. Both with themselves and others.

She’s helped countless desperate people find their own path to love and happiness.