Are you ready to Break the Cycle of Blaming Yourself and Not Feeling Worthy?


5-Session Private Coaching Package 

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Is this Coaching Package Right for You?

The Spiritual-Soulmate Coaching Package is for you if:


  • You’ve had enough of being rejected, disappointed or completely overlooked in love – while everyone else around you seems to be happy
  • You’ve had a series of toxic, unhealthy relationships and are ready to heal your own connection
  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and can see more of the same in the future
  • You want to build your self-esteem so that you can begin to attract a worthy, mutual, loving relationship
  • You’re sick of feeling sorry for yourself
  • You crave a deep soul connection with someone special you can grow old with
  • You’re heartbroken and need support, coaching and a proven formula to help you move forward in your life
  • You don’t want to be in the same place in 2, 5 or even 10 years time
  • You’re in a relationship, but aren’t happy, feeling stuck, trapped or anxious and making excuses why you should or shouldn’t leave
  • You’re ready for a spiritual soulmate relationship
  • You want help pinpointing and removing those blocks
  • A new beginning is what you’ve been craving, no matter what age you are
  • You know there’s another perspective that you just can’t quite get a hold of
  • You’re looking for a boost along your path to live your very best life
  • You want to shed those long-term old habits for good

What you can expect


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Privacy & Professionalism

Measurable Results

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Don’t wait any longer!

If you’re looking for results in a Private environment, then here’s your opportunity for 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions from an experienced Spiritual Counselor at a special introductory price.

There’s no need to stay stuck.


About Spiritual Counselor Gayle Maree

gayle maree find your soulmate coaching

Gayle is an experienced Spiritual Counselor of 22 years who has a gift for pinpointing and dissolving pain so that you can clear the path to a new beginning.

She is a talented empath who has struggled with relationships and emotions and has learned to master her mood so that she can help others through their inner turmoil.

When Gayle began as a trained Counselor over 22 years ago, there was no such thing as a Spiritual Counselor but her methods were never traditional and neither were her results. She combines deep counseling roots and divine guidance to give you an insight into the bigger and better opportunities that await you.

Women seek out Gayle for her compassion, insights and ability to see the bigger picture from a new perspective. She is intuitive, caring and well-guided.

These are some of the comments from past clients:

“You begin to see your own life from a different perspective immediately. It’s quite amazing and such a relief. “

“It’s great to be out of that deep, dark hole and I love that Gayle was able to help me do this pretty quickly.”



Some of our Happy Clients are over the Moon with their Results

From my Darkest Days to Weight Loss

Recently I was in the darkest time of my life.

I couldn’t quit crying, I couldn’t get out of my own way. I had lost myself and I really no longer wanted to be around.

I called Gayle in desperation and she started coaching me weekly. This program has turned my life around. I’ve known a lot of these concepts from the past but putting it into practice at this time and following their direction completely changed my life and the way I look at life.

I no longer look at things darkly, I look at them in the light. For the first time in many years, I feel good about myself. I’m losing weight because I’m no longer holding onto the things that made me swell up with emotion and I have so much to look forward to.

Golaunda Z.

Beware: Comes With Baggage


And lots of it. I had so much baggage that I should have had a sign on my back, telling everyone to stay clear. Actually, I’m sure I must have had a sign because I always attracted the wrong guys. The sign said ‘Pick me’.

It wasn’t until after a few coaching sessions, that I began to understand why I was so unlucky.

So when I began to change it, I felt those bands around me loosen. I had a breakthrough that I didn’t need to hang on to the pain from the past. I didn’t need to keep repeating the same things over and over again.

I had some pretty crappy patterns going on inside and just letting those go was a transformation in itself, but there was much more to come and it just got better and better.

I am now proud to feel sexy and to be me and I know I’m worth a great relationship. It’s so freeing.

Raylene E.

Lucky in Love


It’s hard for me to even imagine where I was before I met Gayle. There were dark times when I just didn’t want to be around anymore. I’d gotten to a stage that anti-depressants were my only answer.

I just felt so unlucky in love because I kept attracting the same guys. No matter whether I thought I’d changed and they looked promising but they ended up treating me the same.

It was depressing, so I got some anti-depressants.

I knew they weren’t a long term solution but I didn’t know what else to do. A friend recommended Gayle to me and I decided that if I didn’t change, I would be alone and on anti-depressants forever. And I really didn’t want that.

There are so many things that have happened to me since that I never thought possible and it’s all because of my new and much-improved attitude.

Fiona V.

Special Coaching Offer - For a Limited Time Only

5 x 40-minute Private Coaching Sessions with Gayle Maree for just $997 – Oh, and we also have a payment plan available.

That’s a saving of $703

So there’s absolutely no excuse to stay stuck!

This special introductory package is to help you move those stubborn blocks that are holding you back so that you can begin to feel the joy and freedom of living life to the fullest. 

Shed those old beliefs so the past doesn’t hold you back any longer. Whether it’s relationships, love, work, health, or money, your life was supposed to be great.

I really want you to take advantage of this limited time offer. It’s a special introductory package created just for you, so that you can begin to take action in moving forward in all your relationships. At $200 per session, this offer really won’t last long. It’s a fraction of what I normally charge and I already have people that were waiting for this to open up.

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Once you click below you’ll go to the registration details. After you purchase the package you’ll be sent a questionnaire. Please fill in the questionnaire with as much detail as you can so that I can see whether we’re a match. I want you to get the best results you can and I don’t want to waste your money, so I’ll let you know whether I can help you or not. If I can’t, I’ll refund your full amount immediately, so there’s no risk for you.

Don't Stay Stuck!

You don’t want to be in the same place this time next year, so do yourself a favor and click below to register and apply for your coaching package now.

Normally $1750
Now $997 – Limited Availability
Gayle Maree Herring

Don’t wait any longer!

If you’re looking for results in a Private environment, then here’s your opportunity for 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions from an experienced Spiritual Counselor at a special introductory price.

There’s no need to suffer in silence.