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6D Mood Mastery

Don’t Ask for Permission to Live your Dreams

Become your Own Counselor

in this 6-Week Coaching Course

Trust the only Counselor in the world that really matters… Yourself

You don’t have to wait until you’re ready,

to move forward

You can make inspired decisions on your own, every time!
Unblock your own path and get rid of those nagging issues
Become the counselor you know you need
Spend your money on what you want and not the therapy you think you need



mood mastery masterclass

You actually know what you need best


Letting the past get in your way can be a problem. You know you need to make a decision but you don’t want to hurt others and they may be upset or angry at what you’ve decided.

But inwardly, you do actually know what’s best for you. So when you tap into that inner guidance you will begin to feel confident and assured that you are getting the best advice available and you’ll move forward feeling sure and secure.

So that you can…


find my soulmate coaching

Shed the Burdens of the Past

find my soulmate coaching

Move forward with Confidence

Soul coaching

Design a Life you Love

But don’t just take my word for it…


What our Valued Clients are saying…

Jennifer Downing

I’ve always come across as cheerful but I have been plagued by the past for a long time. Not only has it held me back but it’s added itself to my body in the form of fat. I have been at least 100 pounds overweight for a long time now.
I have tried many diets that work for a short time, but I have been to therapists for many years so I know that my weight problem and other health issues have to do with the abuse I had as a child. 
When I came to see 6 Dimensions of Healing for the weight I had no idea that Gayle was going to help me shed so much more. I haven’t lost all the weight yet but I’ve lost a lot and I’m on top of it now. It’s like a new beginning and I feel so much more empowered because it’s different from what the therapists have told me. I now know what to do and which path to take to get there so I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been.
I feel confident I’ve got this.
Scott Miller

I was in a strange situation because I used to be happy and fun-loving. I manifested amazing things in my life.
Then came the bike accident and it changed everything. I was angry all the time. My kids didn’t want to be around me and I was fighting with my partner. Life really sucked over the past few years and it was time for me to change it.
Gayle helped me to realize things what I hadn’t know previously even when I was a great manifester. It was the techniques of dissolving the resistance that I found of the greatest value but I still use the method of counseling that she taught me, each and every day and of course with my kids as well.
I can now see the person I want to be, pushing through more and more each day. My life has changed dramatically and my family thanks you.
Denise Mitchell

I actually thought my therapist was doing a great job until somebody questioned my results. I had been going for the past 10 years and didn’t realize that I really had low expectations of the progress of my therapy and of myself.
In fact, the tools I have now from Gayle have taken me so much further in 6 weeks than 10 years of therapy ever did. And I have these tools for life.
Lesley Hayman

I was in a pretty dark place when I reached out for help.
Things weren’t working in my life at all with cancer and then a long-term relationship breakup and I didn’t even know what I was doing wrong.
But when I spoke to Gayle and she helped me to realize that I could regain control of this, then I could begin to get out from underneath the very dark cloud.
I now have a new perspective and a will to live and it’s given me my life back.
Hanna Frances

I hated making decisions. They always seemed to upset somebody so I would put them off so that others could make them.
I have since realized that I didn’t want to take responsibility for making the ‘wrong’ decision and that’s why I didn’t do it.
Today, I actually love making decisions because I’ve learned to access my Divine Wisdom and I know the decision I make is for my highest good. So now I make as many as I can because I know that’s one of the secrets to getting the best out of my life.

We know how you feel

At 6 Dimensions of Healing we feel your struggle and understand that you want to decide for yourself what is right. Because let’s face it, deep down you know what’s best for you.

And we get that. We want to help you make decisions with confidence, not only because we can teach you how to become your own counselor but because we know you deserve to love who you are.

More than 40,000 happy clients
Countless Dreams Restored
Energetic & Enthusiastic Clients
Confidence Regained
Numerous doors to the Past, resolved and removed

And these are the benefits…


Become the Counselor you know you need
Develop Empathy and Compassion
Build respect for yourself and others
Develop advanced intuitive skills
Never second-guess yourself again
Become an inspiration (and help) to those you love
Gayle Maree Herring

Don’t wait for permission to live your dreams

Become the Counselor you know you need

You can spend thousands on therapy

at $150/session (or more) indefinitely and still not get the results you want. You can waste years of your life in therapy and not be where you want to be. But it doesn’t have to take years. You can do this yourself.

Because counseling is a skill, not a gift.

Here’s what’s in the 6-Week

Become your Own Counselor Course

How to Become your Own Counselor

6 Recorded Modules for Easy Listening, anywhere
Live Coaching
90-minute group Q&A each week
Shortcuts for reprogramming
Tools for Developing Intuition
Inner Guidance Strengthening
Decision-Making Workbook
Community Support
No subject is off-limits
Re-patterning Techniques
Power of meditation
How to Manifest your dreams
‘Create a new story’ guided visualization
3 Easy Payments
$497.00/month for 3 months
Or save $500 by paying in Full
$1,497.00  $997.00

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide that this course isn’t for you and you don’t want to become your own Counselor, we’ll give you your money back no questions asked. You don’t have to show us you’ve done the work, or that you’ve even made progress.

Let us know if it’s not for you within 14-days and we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple!

We have some Special Bonuses for you too…

mood mastery masterclass
Bonus #1

Harness the Power of Intuition

Use your intuition in 3 easy steps to make really great decisions.

There is a method for making the right decision each time and this PDF will show you how to take the guesswork out of it so that you aren’t second-guessing yourself.

Also comes with a Free “Don’t be Gutless. Intuition Decision Guide”.

Bonus #2

‘Create a New Story’ Meditation

Clear the past and clarify the future with this clearing the past meditation.

It’s not just a meditation, it’s a new pattern and a design for your future. The focus is on creating new stories around the future of all your relationships.

Nothing was ever created that wasn’t first imagined and this is a powerful meditation to heal the past and create a new beginning. One that you design and you really love. Your future is in your hands (or imagination).

Bonus #3

Life With Purpose© Mastermind – PDF

Everybody wants to know whether they’re living their life’s purpose or what that purpose is. It’s a question that burns deep inside until you understand the bigger picture.

So we’ve put together this PDF so you can discover your own purpose. Yes, we do all have one. Sometimes more.

And we’ll dive deep into this subject in the course, so you’ll have no doubt of your own life’s purpose and how to walk in those ambitious shoes.

Mood Mastery Masterclass

What will I get?

In this 6-week Become your Own Counselor course you will gain the skills you need to connect with the inner wisdom and knowledge to make decisions that you feel confident about, every time.

Will I still need to go to therapy?

Sometimes therapy can be a habit and many people think that a therapist knows better than they do. But nobody knows what you need better than you do, so that’s why skills plus confidence, equals empowerment.

Do I need to dig up the past?

You’ll be able to give yourself permission to move past those issues that are holding you back. That’s why we have the weekly Q&A. To give you the courage and support to do that.

Will it get rid of my issues?

The Become your Own Counselor course will help you clarify what you want. Sometimes we think getting rid of something will help us get what we want. But we’ve found that to be untrue. You won’t always feel great, but you’ll know how to get back there again and again and isn’t that why you want to get rid of issues in the first place, so that you’ll feel better?

Why is Self-Counseling so important?

Because nobody knows what’s best for you better than you. But it’s much more than that. You’ll develop respect, empathy, and wisdom. All of the key ingredients of a great counselor and a wonderful life.

How do I know if it's the right time for me?

We don’t want you to wait until it’s ‘the right time’ because the only way it will become the right time is if you choose to begin now. The timing is always in your hands.

Gayle Maree Herring

Don’t wait for permission to live your dreams

Become the Counselor you know you need