An ideal gift for yourself as a part of your Self-Care routine, or for somebody you care about.

Energy Healing Sessions


3 x Energy Healing Sessions over 2 weeks for $100.

These are individual healing sessions where we use a photo and your name to identify and alleviate pain. Either physically or emotionally. Email your photo and the email address that you paid with to 6 Dimensions of Healing.


About the Healers

energy healers

Gayle Maree and Allan Herring have been Healers for many years, running a bricks and mortar business (Stewart Natural Health), and seeing results in over 40,000 clients.

Allan is Osteo based using Reconnective & Quantum Healing and Gayle has been a Spiritual Counselor and Healer for over 22 years.

They call their method 6D Therapy and it gets amazing results in reducing chronic pain. Both emotionally and physically.

They are both authors of the Handbook, 6 Dimensions of Healing.