Habit of Happiness

Why develop a habit of happiness? Because you’re not happy by chance. It’s a process that takes practice. And the advantages are life changing.

Imagine attracting the partner of your dreams. Someone to share walks on the beach on a moonlit night, someone who cares. That’s what Habits of Happiness does.

It makes you irresistible to your perfect partner.

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Why build a Habit of Happiness?

We catch glimpses of happiness throughout our lives if we’re lucky. Just enough to give us some wins now and again. But glimpses aren’t enough. You want more. We all do.

It’s not enough to just want to be happy. If it was, you’d be happy most of the time. You become consistently happy by letting go of the old patterns that don’t serve you and developing new patterns of happiness.

That’s why you yearn for that loving relationship, that’s the reason you developed your own business, that’s why you have a family. Because you thought that by doing these things, you’d be happy. But unless you were happy before you created these amazing achievements in life, there will still remain an emptiness that needs to be filled.

All your achievements make you comfortable, even grateful, but don’t confuse that with happiness. Happiness comes from within and bubbles up inside. It’s an inner joy that bubbles over like a popped champagne bottle and it’s the key to a happy, fulfilled life.

There is a Formula for being Happy

We don’t wish upon a star for happiness, (though I have done that and if you do too, then that’s a good indicator that you aren’t happy) we look at what we want and develop patterns to take us in the direction of happiness.

There is a formula for being happy because:

Happiness is not a goal, it’s a commitment we make daily.

That’s why we teach you how to be consistently happy. Not just happy enough or happy occasionally or happy if somebody makes you feel that way.

Happiness is an empowering path in life. It gives clarity and creates inspiration. Your decisions turn out well and stress is kept from the front door.

Happiness manifests freedom and empowerment and is the definition of success.

6D Mood Mastery

The Path to Creating Consistent Happiness

Welcome to 6D Mood Mastery

6D Mood Mastery is the key to changing your mindset. And why is that important?

Your mindset is made up of thoughts, beliefs and patterns from the past. The ones you adopted at an early age and thought they were working, only to find out now, at an older age, that they aren’t.

How do you know if those patterns are working for you or not?

If you’re still attracting unwanted things into your life, then they’re not. If you’re not living a life you love, then they’re not.

You see, it’s not luck that some people achieve their goals and live happy lives. Most tend to complain about their lot in life. I know, I did that for a long time. it’s the mindset that’s the difference between happy achievers and the rest.

6D Mood Mastery gives you the foundations for a truly happy life.