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Spread your Wings to Embrace your Soul’s Purpose

Let the Soul’s Blueprint you were born with, guide your path

What is Soul Guidance?

Soul Guidance is your One Way Ticket to Love & Happiness

Often we’re living life on automatic. That means automatic responses to people, automatic reactions to situations, and automatic thoughts about what we’re observing. Unfortunately, this also gives automatic results. Which means you get the same results as you did before without understanding why.

It’s not unusual to make changes in your life and all hell breaks loose. It’s actually Quantum Physics. It’s because you’ve interrupted the patterns that have been playing in your life.  In fact, these toxic patterns often rule your thoughts and decisions and become so ingrained that you don’t even recognize them.

This is what it looks like: At times you notice somebody acting in a particular way, maybe it’s to a situation or they display impatience with their kids. You wonder why they keep on doing it when it hurts everybody around them and if you were to ask them why, they wouldn’t even realize they were participating. They’ve been repeating these patterns for so long, it’s second nature.

We ALL have some of these unwanted traits influencing the decisions in our lives. Soul Guidance helps you to recognize these traits and make the changes necessary to align you with the path of your soul. Which is ALWAYS the path of least resistance and love.

This is What Soul Guidance Can Give You

Feel Supported

Soul Guidance is about gaining the confidence within to feel the support of your inner wisdom

Discover your Soul's Blueprint

You were born with a Soul’s Blueprint, this is the path to your Soul’s Purpose. It’s time to discover and follow it home.

New Relationships

Not only will you have a new powerful relationship with yourself, but other relationships will be uplifting as well

Empowerment Equals Freedom

When you feel empowered, you no longer feel held back by anybody or anything. You call the shots

You Can Be Lucky

Luck isn’t about something happening to you but about positioning your mind and your thoughts to support you

No Need For Boundaries

Boundaries are for those who haven’t yet stepped into the fullness of their own power so you won’t need them

It’s never about changing the outside, but about adjusting the inside to follow your Soul Path

Does any of this sound familiar?

I think I’m moving forward but…

Things just don't work out the way I expect them to
I seem to take one step forward and three steps back
Shaking off the 'people pleasing' has been really difficult
I thought my soul path was going to be easier than this
There is just too much information out there and it gets confusing

Change doesn’t magically occur overnight. It takes courage and practice but your Soul’s Purpose is worth it

soul coaching

Life can be difficult when people demand so much of you…

at work and at home, and not having confidence in yourself or your decisions just drains the life out of your soul.

In personal development there seems like an insurmountable ‘to-do’ list. And a part of that list is finding your soul path to expand your soul consciousness. I know, it seems really big!

But it’s not. Your Soul Path is natural. It’s a part of you that pops up for a surprise every now and again. You just want more of it, more often.

Because you deserve to feel loved and appreciated but when you keep looking outside of you for validation, it just trips you up every time.

So there is an easier way. You didn’t come into this life thinking it was going to be difficult or that you’d have to struggle your way through.

That’s why we’ve developed a process for your soul guidance. And I’m sure you’re going to love the results!


Here’s What your Soul Guidance Package Would Look Like

Weekly Coaching

1 hour, 1:1 Weekly Private Soul Guidance Sessions at a time to suit

Unlimited Support

A direct line to me through Email and Voxer so you never have to stay stuck

Celebrate the Wins

Each week we’ll celebrate the little wins, the ones that most people miss

Happiness doesn’t happen by default. Nor is it sustained through keeping others happy. And it’s not achieved by pretending.

There is actually a scientific process and you find it along your Soul’s Blueprint.

Here’s the Plan

We know that the transition from where you are to where you want to be can seem like a long process. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be FUN and EXCITING!

That’s why the weekly Soul Guidance sessions are SO important. Often I can see the small changes that seem hidden but are subtly making a difference and they’re really IMPORTANT to celebrate. 

Life is a series of small steps and not giant leaps. You may want it all now, but quantum leaps are quite uncomfortable and then you need to play catchup.

So this is what I want you to do:

1. Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment on my online calendar to get you started

2. Clarify your Path

Using your Soul’s Blueprint to map out a plan that inspires your life

3. Time to Go!

Find the courage to support your growth with loving kindness

We want you to feel so confident with Soul Guidance

that we’ve included (with permission) some client stories below

Sometimes you don’t even know you’re lost until you’ve begun to find your way…

I never knew why things happened the way they did. Or why other people seemed to have things so much easier. Sometimes life just didn’t seem fair and I guess it showed because people were starting to avoid me. But Soul Guidance got me on a much better track and I feel so much more empowered now. And it didn’t seem to take that long. Probably because it was 1 on 1. It’s like having your own private therapist at hand. People have told me I even look different. I certainly do feel it. Rejuvenated is the word I’d choose.

Annie C,


I was the one who had to control everything.

But it was causing me so much stress that I was just juggling life. I had been in and out of therapy for years but Soul Guidance changed my life.  It gave me an inner strength I’d been missing. The ‘soul’ part is really important. I didn’t even realize I’d lost hope until I’d found it again. I find that life is a breeze now, I relax and smile so much more. It’s not that things don’t happen, but I’m able to cope with it so much better and it just doesn’t hang around anymore. So I don’t feel the need to control anything anymore. That’s freedom!

Lillian V

Vancouver, BC

I couldn’t have done this alone.

I’d done a lot of self-help work with some well-known Gurus and all have their value but something was still missing. I was advised by a friend to try Soul Guidance. I guess she knew something I didn’t. I had done a lot of work on myself but, if I’m truthful, I was still struggling. Gayle gave me so many answers and aha moments. It was like a pivotal piece in a lifelong puzzle had fallen into place. I now have a new direction that I know I’m in control of.

Jennifer R


Our Money Back Guarantee

We’re so certain Soul Guidance will make a difference in your life that we’re willing to stand behind it 100%.

The success of Soul Guidance is rooted in the connection between you and me. Sometimes people just don’t fit together. If we can’t establish a connection and therefore don’t have a working relationship, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Discover Your Soul-Guided Path

With a Transformational Soul Guidance Package to suit you

One-on-One Sessions

1 hour Personalized Soul Guidance Sessions with Gayle Maree, Past Life Therapist & Spiritual Counselor of 23 years.

Anywhere in the World

We’ll organize a time to suit you

Introductory Price

Only 1 of these Introductory Packages per person

Bonus Handbook

Get the 6 Dimensions of Healing Handbook to guide your journey, sent to your door

Only 5 Available

These sessions get such amazing results, I can’t wait to start working with you, but I have a limited amount of time. My regular clients pay $350 for just one of these transformational sessions. There are only 5 Packages available. Don’t miss out!

5-Week Private Soul Guidance Package

Maximize your Transformation

Save $$$ on a 6 Month Package


See our

Soul Guidance Plans below

Could you get the same results without Soul Guidance?

Maybe, but you’d probably have to:


See a therapist every week

Then spend years trying to figure out where in your childhood the problem began. Just say goodbye to thousands of dollars and no guarantees. Ouch!

Watch a bajillion Youtube tutorials

from “experts” you haven’t heard of, giving you so much information that it makes your head spin. Then you can try and figure it out yourself.

Keep making the same mistakes

and wonder why the same stuff keeps happening until you feel so low that you feel powerless in your own life. This affects EVERYBODY in your life. Nobody wants this!

Sit on a mountain top

in a sabbatical for months at a time and force yourself to face your demons. And you go through A LOT of emotional trauma this way! Often for temporary results. I’ve seen it many times.

Have Questions? We have answers.

Is Soul Guidance right for me?

  • Are you sick and tired of struggling?
  • Is there a piece or two missing in your life?
  • Looking for a way to dial in your life to feel empowered?
  • Finding the Enlightenment Path frustrating?

Then this is definitely for you!

How soon can I begin?

You will have immediate access to my calendar where you can schedule your first Soul Guidance session.

If you don’t receive the email after payment, reach out and we will get the calendar to you. support@GayleMaree.com

How is this delivered?

Soul Guidance is a one-on-one connection via zoom or other online media. Scheduled with a time each week that suits us both.

Times are flexible to cater to clients from all over the world. And if life gets in the way, we can reschedule, no problems at all.

I’m tired of endless modules of lessons. How many are there?

None! It doesn’t matter whether they’re online, on paper or in a video, we all get tired of lessons. It seems we just never seem to graduate from the school of life.

I know exactly how you feel and that’s why there are no lessons involved, just guidance, from my soul to yours.

So, no more lessons.

Is this worth the cost?

Abso-lutely! Soul Guidance is worth its weight in gold! To gain your own powerful connection with Source so that you have the tools to live the life of your dreams.

PLUS you can use it to make changes again and again, not just for what’s happening now, but forever! 

Not to mention the time and money it saves you on therapy and trying to figure it all out yourself. And then STILL searching for answers.

Will I have the time?

Soul Guidance is designed for busy people like you.

It takes 30-40 minutes each week with a personalized session and there is no homework.

That is, no specific homework. But everything you discover, you’ll be applying to help you tweak life in the direction you create for yourself.

Your path is your practice.

Do I get a Guarantee?

The success of Soul Guidance is rooted in the connection between you and me.

But sometimes people just don’t fit together. If we can’t establish a connection and therefore don’t have a working relationship, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

There is NO RISK for you.


If you have more questions you can contact us by email. Just Click here.

Why Me?

Gayle Maree Soul Coaching
I’m Gayle Maree, Mother, Author, creator of 6 Dimensions of Healing, Past Life Therapist and Spiritual Counselor for over 23 years.

Someone once told me (a well-respected mentor) that people need “experts” to find their way in life… and I didn’t believe them.

I thought everybody could do it on their own. I mean, I did. I figured out what didn’t work in my life and I changed it. Actually, I changed me.

Not because I was trying to impress others or I had something to prove to other people, but because there were aspects of me that I didn’t like. I wanted improvements.

And I knew that if I didn’t make changes I could expect more of the same as what I already had. So, I set about what would be a continuous, amazing journey.

Now it’s your turn

This is the same path I used to make the changes that have led to a happy, abundant life and you can use it to pave your guided path to love and happiness.

A Powerful Alternative to Therapy!

I can’t wait for you to begin! Because we all know the only thing that ever holds you back is you.

When you begin to understand that everything in your life now is only manifesting because of the patterns you were brought up with (that you aren’t even aware of), you’ll be as excited as I am to begin. It means that your future is changeable and you have the power to release it!

This could be you…

Imagine a year from now, having unshakable confidence. Feeling happy with your life and smiling on the inside, knowing you are guided with every decision you make.

You’ll stand proud and breeze through life with the love and confidence of somebody who has stepped into their own power and chosen to create their own destiny.

People will call you Lucky!

Gayle Maree Herring

Claim your Freedom & Let your Spirit Soar

It’s Time to Choose the your Soul Path to Love & Happiness

Claim your Freedom & Let your Spirit Soar

It’s Time to Choose your Soul Path to Love & Happiness