Mood Mastery Masterclass

21 Day Guided Journey of Self-Discovery - Downloads

Master your Mood and Master your Life

Download size in metric A5 size

Mood Mastery Masterclass Fillable PDF

Download size in Half US Letter

Mood Mastery Masterclass Fillable PDF

Mood Mastery Printable Booklet

Download in metric A5 size

Mood Mastery Printable Booklet

Download size in half US Letter

Printing Instructions

You can print in two sizes and in two styles. The first size is metric, so if your paper size is A4, then use the metric measurements. A5 is a half of A4. If you use US letter measurements then your size is half US letter.

The PDF will be printed out 1,2,3,4 etc. The printable booklets are printed 2 pages to a sheet and will be numbered for a booklet. So 1 and 24 will be printed together, 2 and 23 etc. Remember to choose to print both sides if you want it to look just like a book.

If that’s complicated, just stick to printing out the pdf, 1 per page. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, both pdf sizes will fit one to a page easily.

A Fillable PDF means that you can fill it in online and print afterwards if you like or just keep it to use on your computer.

If you have any problems just email us here.


Bonus Downloads

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